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Customer Reviews

Sometimes what your customers say about you is more important than anything we could say ourselves.

Woodman - on Scuba

Brief trip report with Sea Robin

We just got back from a week with Sea Robin Diving, and were most impressed with them. Eduardo Canche, the co-owner and divemaster took excellent care of us, and he ran a first class operation. He came to our hotel that first night, and collected our dive gear, and then took care of it untill our last night, when he delivered it back to us at the hotel. He provided steel high capacity tanks for me, (although they were not filled to the 3500 psi level that they were rated for-this is always a problem for me in Cozumel) and this helped extend my bottom times considerably. His boat is the Balleena, which is a thoughtfully reengineered boat with several nice touches. He has arranged room for about 8 divers, but the boat could seat many more if he squeezed them in like certain other ops have been known to do. The boat is wide enough to allow comfortable foot room with fins on, and the boat is about 80% covered, with good lighting provided for night dives. He has twin 100hp motors on her, and she is about as fast as anything else we have seen down there. He provided plenty of water and fruit for the surface intervals, and was extremely good about working out the dive locations with us and getting us the best diving for the conditions (we had a lot of wind, and decided not to attempt the way out areas due to excessive wave action on a couple of the days.) He was really good about finding critters for us, and the boat was always attentive and waiting for us when we came up. We were most pleased with the operation, and will remember them when we travel this way again. Read the entire thread

Karen Driskill on Scuba

Sea Robin Cozumel- New Dive Operation Review

Sea Robin Cozumel promotes themselves as a premier scuba diving company in the heavily saturated dive op destination of Cozumel, Mexico. We first met one of the owners and dive master (DM), Eduardo Canche at the 2007 Long Beach Scuba show. We have dove Cozumel 4 times over the past 3 years with other wonderful dive operators. After meeting the owner, Eduardo, and talking to Allen, we decided to take a chance with the new guy. FYI, there were 5 divers in our group, 2 were DMs, 2 were AOW, and 1 was a beginner.
Reservations: A simple process via email and local telephone calls. Allen Martin, the other owner, plans on updating the website soon to include additional lodging packages, customer reviews, and other assorted information the Sea Robin Cozumel team and/or customers should find useful.
Boat: The Ballena, capable of holding 12 divers, is a small, fast, covered boat outfitted with all the standard emergency equipment, radio, and GPS. Most days we had only 5 divers on the boat, with the exception of one day when we arranged for 2 friends to come along. Dives are started in the back roll position but one of our divers (due to back issues) required a in the water set up which was no problem for the outstanding Captain Choco and DM Eduardo. Cold water and snacks are provided for each surface interval (SI). The crew is very customer oriented even asking us if there were any snacks, in particular, we wanted for the next day (for you snack people). Yet, the better news is that ample wet and dry storage is available so that the towel you need for drying off stays dry. SI locations are chosen with the divers’ input. Our locations were diverse including a deserted beach, a dock, kicking back on the boat or snorkeling around looking for the ubiquitous starfish or the elusive black tip shark near the south end lagoon.
Crew: As noted Choco, Eduardo, and Allen are all first rate. Eduardo’s knowledge of both on and off the map dive sites insured each dive was a great experience. He was also very vigilant of the beginner diver in our group, which was a great comfort to his mom.
Gear: We brought our own gear but rental gear is available upon request.
Customer Service: Allen wanted to meet us on the day of our arrival at our hotel and pick up our gear but we convinced him that we would schlep it down to the dock in the morning. The first day we hauled our gear to the boat, after that we did not have to touch or clean it for the entire trip. Each morning, afternoon, and/or evening the boat would pull up (at our specified time) with all our gear clean, dry, and setup for our next dive adventure. Forgive the term but we call this “Gucci Diving”. Pretty much all we brought was a dry towel and cameras. We picked the dive sites daily and were able to dive our computers. Steel tanks were provided for the two big guys, the rest of us dove aluminum 80’s. As a bonus, we also crossed the channel for a Tortuga Reef dive. Sea Robin Cozumel ended our dive vacation by cleaning, drying, and delivering our dive gear back to hotel the next day-now that is true customer service! Moreover, in case you are wondering, yes, it was very clean.
Considering the level of service we received from Sea Robin Cozumel I have to say they are quite a bargain, and if our experience with them is typical, they will truly exemplify their motto of being a premier scuba diving company in Cozumel. If you like small fast boats, and personal attention, we highly recommend this dive operator. They will certainly see us on their boat again. Read the entire thread

Mark Grantham on

The "KayDees" and McGills went to Cozumel August 10th Through the 19th.  Except for having to cancel the very last dive due to the hurricane, we could not have had a better vacation.  We had a great time with Bob and Becky, probably because everyones vacation style was pretty much the same:  Be on the boat at 8:30 if you want to dive, after that were all on Cozumel time.
We dove with Sea Robin, who let us have the whole boat for ourselves all but one day, when they asked if we would mind if one other diver joined us.  The owner Alan Martin splits his time between Riverside and Cozumel and was the consumate host, even buying us dinner at Veranda's the next to last evening.  If you don't already have a favorite Dive Op in Cozumel, I highly reccommend Sea Robin.  We got in 18 dives, most lasted almost an hour, a few longer.  The temp was 86 and the vis was consistantly over 100'.  There was a lot more particulate in the water than normal, but I don't know why.  Here's a link to some pics:

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