F A Q s

Where is your dive shop located and how do we check in with you upon arrival?


We have a remote office located in town but no need to come to us we will make arrangements to come to you the night prior to your first scheduled dive if necessary.  We do ask that you check in with us the night prior to your first scheduled dive to let us know you have arrived and verify pick up time in the morning.


Where do you pick up and what time do you depart?  


We depart from the FONATUR marina daily at 830 a.m. and will pick up at the following resorts:  Iberostar, Occidental Grand, Allegro, Aura, Residencia Reef, Hotel Cozumel, Casa del Mar and Presidente Hotel. We also pick up at beach clubs and private homes in the south. Some hotels may charge their guests a daily fee for getting picked up by a dive shop other than the onsite dive operation. Ask your hotel when making reservations.  If you are not staying at one of these resorts, we ask that you come to the FONATUR marina to get on the boat. Be there by 8:15 a.m.


Where will we dive?  


Dive sites are determined the morning of the scheduled dive and we try to make it a group decision whenever possible.  Requests are always welcomed.


What is the water temperature …do we need wetsuits?


The water temperature ranges between 76 and 78 degrees Fahrenheit in the winter months (Dec, Jan, Feb); 78 to 80 degrees in the Spring (March through May) and warm up to 82 – 84 degrees in the summer months.  Exposure protection is really determined by your tolerance and is based on your tendency to chill. Keep in mind that if you will be doing multiple dives over multiple days, you will probably become less tolerant of cold as the week progresses. A good all- around suit for Cozumel is a full 3 mm.


How many divers do you put on the boat?


Maximum divers per dive master is 7 divers.  The maximum the boat will accommodate is 10 divers. Should this be the case, we will have an extra dive guide on the boat to accommodate a larger group.


What will we see while diving with Sea Robin?


Cozumel has a wide variety of marine life including turtles; spotted eagle rays; nurse sharks; schools of snappers, grunts, and triggerfish; barracudas; seahorses; and Cozumel’s endemic Splendid Toadfish. You will drift along walls of coral with plentiful sponges as you fly out over the abyss. Each site will be different every time you dive.


How much does a private dive master cost?


The price for a private divemaster to accompany your dives is $65 for a two-tank dive.

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We are a small diving operation, providing the flexibility, service and variety that our larger competitors cannot.

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​​​Whether you are a first-timer or a “seasoned pro”, the warm waters of the Caribbean will make you fall in love with Cozumel, and the staff at SeaRobin Cozumel will be here to ensure that your trip is the most memorable!